Yusuf Munna


    Yusuf Munna is a Bangladeshi teen entrepreneur, writer and innovator. He loves to dream and also loves to make others dream. This young lad of positive mentality doesn’t like the so-called imposed rules at all. He always loves to think of going beyond boundary.

    The social condition of Bangladesh is something like if a student during his studentship does something out of study or text, he is surely to be rebuked. It is assumed that the boy is being derailed gradually. This is not an exception for Yusuf as well. So these activities are not supported usually. A student has only the burden of twelve books and home tutors. In midst of all of these, Yusuf never did forget dreaming and never got derailed from the track. He is performing many works successfully going beyond the circle drawn by the society and overcoming all obstacles.

    This optimistic teen is busy to prove the so-called perceptions of the society wrong. Though his works are based on different subjects, but all are being done simultaneously. According to him, age is not as important as desire.