Tanzeel Rashid


    Tanzeel Rashid is a TEEN Entrepreneur, Social Activist, TEEN Leader, Debater, Writer, Cadet & Journalist. This exceptional teen lad is empowering & motivating through his various kinds of activities. At the age of 13, He founded Ogrograhi Foundation which is a social venture. He is working for the underprivileged community through empowering teenagers through this organization. Already he have done a lot for the underprivileged communities of Bangladesh. His voice always seen in high against all kinds of discrimination & violence which reflects his amazing leading capability in this very early age. He was the leader of some teen movement of Bangladesh. Besides, this teen leader is working for the teenagers of Bangladesh so that they can turn out to be a changemaker & working for the people & society. He is the founder & Editor of Canvas Magazine. This magazine is written & published by the teenagers. The concept of this magazine also different which is very rare. He started his debating at Collegiate School Debating Society & performed as an organizing secretary of this organization also. He is currently debating at Debating Club of Mohsin College. For sharpening his leading nature, he joined Bangladesh National Cadet Corps. Very soon, He has turned out an amazing cadet & leader in this lmilitary section also. This teen lad has expressed himself in not only in one or two sections but also in various section which always astonished the people. He started as a child journalist at Channel Agami & through his wonderful work, he is now the divisional head of this news organization. He writes for underprivileged community , empowering teen community & against the social violences. As a youngest radio jockey of Bangladesh, he is going to start his own show at a radio channel very soon. This 17 years old guy of Bangladesh is creating not only examples, through his activities he has already turn out to be an example. ” Never give up ” attitude of him & his team members are doing social development & changemaking activities in this very young age. Through his activities, he proved that he is the perfect example of ” Age doesn’t matters ” concept.