Smarika Neupane


    Smarika Neupane is a 16-year-old passionate girl from Nepal. She is mostly involved in public speaking, dancing, and cooking. She makes several videos on contemporary topics and interacts with the audience through different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and many more.

    She is an individual who is interested in bringing a kind of positive change in the society whether it be of any form. From working as a President of Srijanshil Children’s Club to working as a Campus Ambassador, Smarika holds a holistic experience in various fields. Smarika believes in the principle of self-determination to become stronger and more confident. Smarika believes in providing a crystal clear message to all the individuals that they don’t need to fear while representing their ideas and opinions in a responsible way and it is necessary to be empowered in forms like economic, spiritual, social, educational, and occupational.