Satta Sheriff


    Satta Sheriff is a Child Rights Advocate, the first female Speaker of the Liberian Children’s Parliament and Executive Director of Youth in Action for Peace and Empowerment. Satta has been working to improve the living conditions of Children rights in Liberia since age 9.

    Satta was recently awarded the most influential teenager in Liberia for her tough advocacies and stands on Children rights issues.

    Satta work, has inspire girls in Liberia and Africa at large. She’s the face of true youth advocacy in Liberia. She organizes rallies, Sit in Actions, Petition ceremonies, press conferences and symposiums to petitions Lawmakers at the House of Parliament (National Legislature of Liberia) to fight for the rights of Children and to remind state government of their responsibilities to Children and girls.

    In 2016, Satta was the youngest Speaker at Liberia first ever TEDx event.

    Satta begun an active campaigner for Children rights during the Ebola crisis in West Africa to save many lives, through schools and her popular radio talk show called ‘’Kids and U’’ She created her first project title ‘’ Your support, Our Future” to support thousands of Children orphan by Ebola and vulnerable Children start and complete post Ebola education in Liberia.