Rashedul Alam Sohan

Bangladesh, Socio Perspective

    Rashedul Alam is a young dedicated youth and climate activist from Bangladesh.  His purpose is to make the world a better, safer, greener place to live. Living in the midst of tons of problems, he has learned that he can work on a lot of issues. He wants to bring about a revolutionary change in the world with love, empathy, and humanity.


    Climate change, one of the burning concerns of this 21st century, always stresses him. Due to his enormous concerns about climate and plastic pollution, he has been advocating about it through various platforms. As a semi-professional public speaker, he has given speeches to a lot of places including his school, college, Olympiads, and so on in both his native language and English. Rashdeul is an award winner of the Regional Biology Olympiad and Regional Chemistry Olympiad.