Khushleen Kaur

India, Entreprenuership

    Khusleen Kaur is a detailed-oriented person who enjoys trying unique things. She aspires to support those in need by addressing real issues around the globe. She has initiated a new policy in her school regarding leaves for mental health.

    IAYP Program Silver Level- Badminton (physical recreation), Teaching an 8th grader (community service), Cooking as a major (skills), YLAC Counter speech fellowship- 10 week, University Virtual Internship- Psychology, Marketing, Computer Engineering, Assistant teacher Internship at school for 2 months and  Participation in Khan Academy’s Breakthrough junior challenge are some fellowships she has taken till the time. She strongly believes hard work pays and has attempted to stand up for this remarkable initiative by contributing to YLAC Counter Speech Fellowship. She always had a passion for movies, dance, and art. Commitment and precision invested in work is the tradition she follows to the core.