Francisco Ruiz Rivera


    Francisco Ruiz, is a 15 years old, young personality from Mexico. 3 years ago, he became an ambassador of Plant for the Planet an international non for profit organization based in Germany that has the principal objective of planting 1 billion trees all around the world. He has received training to give talks by knowing about this subject and lead a group of young people like him that want to contribute to this fight against pollution and contamination.


    He aims to create his own association against global warming, based on a website named “Iukayotl” where he already has registered members from more than 14 countries. He wants to be part of the solution and help the environment. He is also developing two other projects; one is an app for the competition “Premio Nacional Juvenil del agua 2022” about sustainable water usage, and the other one is called “OpenMinds” it’s a website that works like a group chat and prevents bullying in schools.