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Lirisha Tuladhar, Nepal, 18 years Student, Public Health

Topic: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Hello everyone. My name is Lirisha Tuladhar. I’m 18 years old. I have been collaborating with a public health organization and working with YUWA. My topic for today is Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). It is important for everyone. This topic should be dealt with in the organization. Gender violence, Sexual violence and Mensuration are topics related to the idea that needs to be dealt with.

SRHR is used on the topic as a whisper. However, people need to be involved in the conversation. Teens need to go through change and want to explore their idea. So SRHR is needed for teens.

Gender-based violence is increasing in the world today. We all know what it is. It includes physical abuse, child abuse etc. They are two teens when combined and affect us at a different level, It effects individuals, personals, society etc. It is high in teens, It includes violence among teens and includes child marriage and dowry system.

Rape is a form of sexual violence. Gender-based violence affects mental, physical, social as it makes a person feel like a victim. It affects them. It is seen in child abuse, crime, cyber bulling etc. It affects us and damages a person. We have seen rape case and gender-based violence in all the society. HIV and AIDS are also diseases related to sexual transmission. But people forget that it’s not just transmitted through other reasons except unsafe sex. They are able to transfer through drug needle, blood etc. also.

Interest and excitement cause problems in the teen. It causes problems in the teen. 21% of young women and 27% of men understand it. The key population affected by the sexual problem is 10-24 years.

The key population affected are teens confused with their sexuality, gay men, transgender people, people with problems and sex industry, drugs etc.

Mensuration is also a natural process but it is not naturally accepted. The problem exists and is really a big problem. It is a natural thing but causes problems. It is not purely concerned with people of the country. Girls feel that they themselves are impure. People are not pointed and cause problems in the girls.

Men consider it important to keep women away from the place and don’t like the situation. They accept Chaapadi (Out-house). It is considered pure. Women are considered outcast and sent to these outhouses for dealing with the problem. It is considered a tradition and is not rumored.

Supporting the environment, opportunities, strengthening etc. are all people that need to be eliminated. HIV and AIDS need to be emphasized. The program needs to be organized by people and sexual education need to be provided.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” Barack Obama

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